Soil Preparation 

  • In October, plant seeds in a seedling tray with potting compost and keep damp in a sunny window or greenhouse for 5 weeks.
  • In early November, start preparing the soil of your raised bed or plot by pulling up weeds and any dead old plants. They will need plenty of space!
  • Give it a dig over and break up any big clumps of soil and remove stones. (If your soil is heavy or sticky clay, go here)


Planting the Seedling

  • By mid November, dig a wide hole 20cm deep and fill with a bucket of manure or compost, cover over with the dugout soil to make a small mound roughly 10cm above ground level. Repeat until you have several mounds for each of your seedlings.
  • Plant the seedling in the middle of each mound, 5cm deep.
  • Water plants often to keep the soil moist.
  • Melons will emerge in 7-10 days


More Tips

  • Choose a spot with plenty of sunshine and lots of space.
  • They will be ready to harvest in Autumn, when the leaves start to die down.